How does a charter flight work?

It can be made to sound very simply, but it does require a lot of knowledge and a strict vetting processes of the operators being used to find the most suitable and reliable option. Put simply, for your request we cover the entire market getting you the most cost effective and suitable option available. We then oversee and manage the entire charter process for you from start to finish.

How much does a charter flight cost?

This obviously varies depending on the routing, dates and aircraft used. Private jets generally run from EUR 3,000-10,000 per hour. Larger commercial jets 5,000 EUR+ an hour. All our quotes are fully transparent in pricing and we make aware any additional costs that may occur prior to contracting. For example, fuel price increase, extended airport opening hour fees if applicable etc..

How do payments and cancellations work?

Upon booking a charter flight, usually a deposit is required to secure the aircraft. We do not handle the deposit or final payments, this goes direct to the airline helping you save money. If your plans unfortunately change, and of course this is subject and variable to the situation, airlines charge cancellation fees. The majority of brokers again inflate these charges, often 20-50% more than the airline charges to you. When using our services, it will always be completely nett from airline, morally we do not feel comfortable making a profit off this like most others do

Are charter flights safe?

A very important question and of utmost paramount importance to us. We only use the most heavily regulated aircraft operators available on the market. We have extremely strict safety checks prior to any flight we undertake. Prior to any charter and along with the quoting process, we will make you aware of the standards for each operator. For further information on this, please do contact us

Can you source any aircraft worldwide?

Yes we can. We have the advantage of being able to reach any operator worldwide and always directly, avoiding additional third party fees that other brokers have. Aircraft can range from a private transfer in Fiji, to perhaps a small cargo aircraft in the Caribbean. We can even source charter flights to Antarctica – If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to do this

Covid 19 & charter flights?

Currently, charter flights are safer than commercial flights in this aspect. Avoiding large crowds and having the ability to group your passengers together with exclusive use of a full aircraft for your group is a huge advantage. With a charter flight, you can require use of a private terminal to avoid the public, along with the potential of having direct access from transport to aircraft, avoiding main terminals massively reduces your risk of coming into contact with the virus. All flights are now heavily regulated on the cleaning and fumigation process of the cabin prior to passengers boarding, then again upon disembarkment. Obviously in this current climate, there are strict cleaning rules which the airlines abide to. We of course oversee these processes to ensure correct procedures & policies are being followed. So please rest assured we have this at the forefront of any charter we work on.

Approved Operators

We ensure aircraft and crew comply with recommended COVID-19 procedures; this in addition to the safety processes we already have in place for all our operators we work with.

  • Aircraft deep cleaning.
  • Crew that following recommended hygiene precautions.
  • On board hygiene product available upon request.

Operations Monitoring & 24/7 Support

We are working closely with our partners to ensure that our team are up to date with all news and information around COVID-19. This allows us to support your flights with the most up to date tailored information and advice.

We monitor clients’ flights around the world globally. This hand in hand with our knowledge on the developments of COVID-19 gives added reassurance that we are here to help 24/7.