Production Air Charter : Cast & Crew Travel

Production Air Charter : Cast & Crew Travel

Secure, Private & Discreet

  • Charter travel in your own bubble, keep cast & crew together. Avoid contact with regular travellers & crowds. Designated check in areas & security.

Flexible Schedule & Times

  • Set your own departure time & routing. Avoid lengthy layovers.

Cost Effective

  • For jets, often similar pricing to first class tickets if travelling with a small group & for large groups, a competitive per seat cost to scheduled flights.


  • No luggage limits, last minute passenger changes, carry filming equipment, pets on board.

Tax Credits

  • Flexible contracting & invoicing address / agents allowing you to use local tax incentives with us.
VIP Private Jet Air Charter Dog Travel Equipment Cargo Film Cast Crew Private Travel

Private Jet Cast & Crew Air Charter Travel

Safe & Discreet

  • WYVERN, ARGUS, IOSA safety rated rated jets and charter planes using CAA / FAA regulations. The utmost discretion & privacy when dealing with cast, producers, directors or studio execs.

Custom Itinerary

  • Set preferred departure times & dates. With ever changing shoot schedules we utilize our trusted airline relationships to ensure schedules are met.


  • Amended insurance, aircraft user agreements all arranged by us.
VIP Private Jet Air Charter Dog Travel Equipment Cargo Film Cast Crew Private Travel

Group Jet Cast & Crew Air Charter Travel

One Stop Shop


  • Keep all the group together. From designated check in counters – through to arriving on location. Covid secure travel at all times.

Flexible Luggage

  • Multiple personal cases & aircraft that can carry equipment along with luggage.

Trusted Airlines

  • We charter all the well known airlines & country flag carriers – along with more specialised charter only airlines.

Always Available

  • Our operations team & your own personal account manager experience in production charters to handle everything 24/7 for you.


Production Air Charter : Cast & Crew Travel

Our company takes pride in its commitment to excellence, having carved a niche as a premier provider of air charter services exclusively tailored for the unique demands of the film industry. With a decade of experience, we have honed our expertise, consistently exceeding expectations and earning the trust of renowned production houses.

At the heart of Production Air Charter is a dedication to safety that sets us apart. Our stringent safety protocols ensure that every flight adheres to the highest aviation standards, guaranteeing the well-being of our clients. We understand the paramount importance of safeguarding the cast and crew, and our unwavering commitment to safety is reflected in every facet of our operations.

Discretion is a cornerstone of our service. We understand the need for confidentiality in the film industry, and our discreet dealings have become a hallmark of Production Air Charter. Whether it’s A-list actors, directors, or production teams, we prioritize privacy and ensure that every aspect of their travel is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Equipped to cater to the unique requirements of film and television productions. From spacious cabins to in-flight amenities, we prioritize comfort and convenience, allowing cast and crew to focus on their craft while we handle the intricacies of travel.

Production Air Charter stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of experience, safety, and discretion. As the film industry continues to evolve, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing unparalleled air charter solutions that elevate the travel experience for cast and crew, ensuring that every production takes flight toward success.