Booking request Terms & conditions

I/we understand that the flight(s) are to be operated subject to the operators airlines terms and conditions we are singing up to and/or tariffs currently in force, for which please sign on my/our behalf, (or on behalf of the company or corporation for which I am acting) as my/our agent.

I/we acknowledge that in respect of the performance of the Flight and the Charter Contract, the Client has a contractual relationship only with the Operator and not Production Air Charter Ltd. As such, any charters arranged on behalf of I/we by Production Air Charter Ltd, shall be subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by the Operator.

I/we understand that Production Air Charter Ltd does not own or operate any aircraft on which the flight services are performed.

I/we accept that Production Air Charter Ltd acts purely as an agent between parties and has no responsibility for the performance or otherwise of the flight(s) and that all liability in respect of the performance or otherwise of the flight(s) falls upon the operator.

I/we accept that these Production Air Charter Ltd terms & conditions do not constitute a contract for carriage by air. Contracts for carriage will be concluded between I/we and aircraft operators directly and will be subject to operators’ terms and conditions of carriage. Production Air Charter Ltd is not a contracting or common carrier.



I/we acknowledge that Production Air Charter Ltd is entering into the Charter Contract on our behalf as agent and that Production Air Charter Ltd shall accordingly not be liable for any delay or failure of the operator to perform the operator’s obligations under the charter agreement or any breach by the operator of the terms of the Charter Contract.

I/we shall indemnify Production Air Charter Ltd against any and all losses and liabilities which Production Air Charter may incur as a result of it acting with reasonable care and diligence within the scope of its authority as agent to the client.

I/we shall hold Production Air Charter Ltd harmless, defend and indemnify Production Air Charter against any and all claims brought against Production Air Charter Ltd by the operator or any other third party caused by any act of omission on my/our part or that of any of my/our passengers, associated parties or subcontractors.

I/we agree to indemnify and hold Production Air Charter Ltd harmless from and against any and all claims, loss, damage, demands, losses, liabilities, injury or expense (including attorneys’ fees), that the Indemnified Party incurs arising out of or in connection with Passenger’s gross negligence, wilful misconduct, violation of the rights of any third party (including other Passengers) or third party goods or services providers; provided, however, that Passenger shall not be liable for the indemnification of any losses, costs, damages, injuries, or expenses arising out of the Indemnified Party’s gross negligence, wilful misconduct.


I/we understand and agree that all passengers are covered by the airlines/operators insurance policy.


Additional Luggage / Cargo

I/we hereby agree that we shall be fully liable for all increased costs or additional charges incurred for additional luggage/cargo/equipment other than the standard agreed amount above or on the operators agreement as a result of additional luggage/cargo/equipment that I/we may bring.

I/we are responsible for ensuring that any baggage or cargo is appropriately packaged, packed and/or palletised and fit and ready for loading. The Client warrants that all baggage and cargo is fit for travel by air and contains no goods or items which are defined as dangerous or otherwise restricted goods under the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) & airlines luggage restrictions.